FROM UNIFORMITY TO DIVERSITY: A paradigm shift from industrial agriculture to diversified agroecological systems
A paradigm shift from industrial agriculture to diversified agroecological systems The evidence in favour of a major transformation of our food systems is now overwhelming. Many influential studies have helped shape our understanding of the perilous situation our food systems are in, from the degradation of ecosystems to the fragility of farmer livelihoods in many...
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Developments in national healthy and sustainable dietary guidelines: a state of play assessment Published by the Food and Agriculture Organization and the Food Climate Research Network at the University of Oxford The report evaluates government-issued food-based guidelines around the globe, assessing whether they link to environmental sustainability as well as personal health. Read the report...
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At institutions throughout New England, dining staff are beginning to look to the sea as another source for local foods. Institutions from across health care, colleges & universities, and K-12 school systems are incorporating locally caught seafood into their meals for a variety of reasons and through a variety of procurement models. FINE set out...
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Hands-on experience in getting the most out of a garden is going to be an invaluable skill in the challenging times ahead and getting kids enthusiastically involved, in their early years, is important for their future resilience. Giving your garden (or part of it) a theme can help inspire children and this particular garden theme...
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Mapping Local Food Webs Toolkit
Reducing the distance between farm and institutional fork, requires some strategic thinking about your regional food web. Mapping your local ‘food web’ – the connections between producers, retailers and consumers – will highlight its importance for your local economy, landscape and community. Our new toolkit provides all the materials and guidance you will need for...
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What's the secret to Japan's slender population? Serious 'eating education'
Since McDonald’s inaugural golden arches were erected in Tokyo more than 40 years ago, fast food franchises have flourished, but Japanese waistlines haven’t. It’s a trend government planners say is thanks to mandatory home economics classes. Read More… Danielle Nerman, Yahoo News
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He’s like the Jamie Oliver of hospital food. A UK-based “better hospital food” advocate is bringing his campaign to Ontario, calling for fresh, local food to be served. Click here to see the full article Source: Ottawa Sun Journalist: Kelly Roche Date: May 29, 2014
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Lessons From Brazil
Photo Above: Farmer Dona Madalena with a crop of passion fruit sold through the farm to school program in Tangara de Serra, Mato Grosso, Brazil. Photo by Hannah Wittman. When Hannah Wittman first started traveling to Central Brazil more than a decade ago, she was astounded at the sheer tenacity of the small family farmers...
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The USDA’s National Farm to School Census  data was made available on October 22, 2013, just 12 days after Farm to Cafeteria Canada released the first national survey of local food activity in Canadian schools, campuses and health care facilities To determine the prevalence of farm to school programs in the United States, USDA surveyed...
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Bearing Fruit: Farm to School Program Evaluation
Farm to school programs, which link local farmers with schools, have increased in number, from fewer than ten in 1997 to more than an estimated 2,000 programs in 2008. With this phenomenal increase, many in the farm to school movement are faced with the question: what are the specific impacts of the program? Click  here  for...
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