octobre 20, 2021

Les forêts nourricières — des paysages comestibles qui ne font pas que nous alimenter

Pour célébrer le Mois De la ferme à l’école, qui porte cette année sur l’apprentissage axé sur la terre, nous voulions mettre en valeur les avantages des forêts nourricières, et expliquer pourquoi les écoles et les communautés partout dans le pays les mettent en place. À titre d’exemple, dans cet article de la chaîne anglaise...
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3 days ago

# **Looking for some inspiration while applying for your F2S Canada Grant?****There's PLENTY of inspiring stories on our grant page! Each of our grant schools has taken the farm to school approach and made it their own. **Riverview Middle School in NB was awarded a grant in 2018 and as a result of their Seed to Sub program, students: * Know how to grow and prepare their own food * Are eating better * Talk to their parents about healthy food * Are selling their produce to the school’s food service provider, raising funds for their school while learning valuable financial skills * Have reduced the school’s carbon footprint * Enjoy engaging with their towers – this is especially impactful among students with behaviour challenges and special needs**Start applying today and bring more local, healthy and sustainable food into your school!**Whole Kids Foundation #farm2school #schoolfood #localfood #handsonfoodliteracywww.farmtocafeteriacanada.ca/our-work/farm-to-school-canada/farm-to-school-grants/ ... See MoreSee Less
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