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Road Trip from Mexico to Canada: Experiencing Local Food
In the summer of 2017, I set out on a road trip from Monterrey, Mexico, to Toronto, Canada, filming a documentary series on North American local food initiatives. During this 4,800-kilometer (3,000-mile) journey, my co-creator and I had the privilege of meeting dozens of farmers, small-business owners, community organizers, and food advocates who shared an...
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Time to curb our appetite for ultra-processed food
Research reveals half our daily calories come from ultra-processed foods, and that kids are the biggest consumers New research commissioned by Heart & Stroke shows that ultra-processed food consumption in Canada continues to increase and is alarmingly high, accounting for almost half of our daily calorie intake. Most troubling is that young people get more than half...
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New Brunswick Farm to School Guide
This beautifully illustrated step be step guide, available in both official languages, was designed specifically to support school communities and the local food supply sector in their efforts to advance Farm to School in New Brunswick. While the guide was developed with NB in mind, it draws upon the latest, most innovative approaches and tools...
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A Fresh Crunch in School Lunch: BC's Farm to School Salad Bar Guide
In 2012, The Public Health Association of BC (PHABC) and their many partners wanted to see more children, more schools, more farms, and more communities enjoy the benefits of a Farm to School Salad bar Program. Thus, this guide was developed to support communities in their Farm to School endeavours. It provides practical information, tips,...
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Farm to School: Canada Digs In
There are milestones in movements. Milestones may represent a critical number of people engaged, a breadth of interest across sectors, or key enabling decisions. The Farm to School movement has grown rapidly from a few isolated initiatives in different parts of the country a decade ago to a collection of provincial networks, linking together hubs...
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Local Foods to School: Reconnecting the children of Haida Gwaii to their land and their food.
MEDIA ADVISORY For immediate Release, Vancouver, June 7, 2016 While classes are gearing down, the drive to get the local harvest in the minds and mouths of students is gearing up in communities across Canada – including Haida Gwaii an archipelago islands off the Northern BC coast. Haida Gwaii is surrounded by good food and rich traditions...
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This report,  Alternative Avenues to Local Food in Schools: Ingredients for Success, provides the current school food context in 3 regions, Durham, Peel, and Thunder Bay, details 7 pilot projects, and includes 8 “Ingredients for Success” or guidelines for implementing local food projects that resulted from the pilots. As you continue to bring local food...
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Evaluation for Transformation: A Cross Sectional Framework For Farm to School
A farm to school evaluation framework guiding the future of farm to school research and evaluation efforts, while providing a complete picture for everyone involved in the farm to school movement. Author: National Farm to School Network Date: August 2014 Click here to see the full article.   Published By: National Farm to School Network Date: August...
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Economic Impacts of Farm to School: Case Studies and Assessment Tools
National Farm to School Network & Colorado State University | September 29, 2017 Farm to school offers cross-sectoral benefits for children, farmers and communities, however, limited data is available to truly understand the economic impacts of farm to school procurement. Using a survey and case study approach, this report (a collaborative project of the National Farm to...
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The Business Of Getting Affordable, Local Food onto the Plates Of New Brunswickers
Photo: Tomavo on Mountain Road in Moncton tries hard to stock as much local produce as it can. Image: Tomavo Facebook page. MONCTON – Businesses are teaming up with non-profit organizations, government agencies, public institutions, community groups and farmers to get healthy, low-cost, local food onto the plates of New Brunswickers. The ways local businesses are trying...
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