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Source: The Tyee- October 19, 2012 Local fish, pulled from the cold water off the north coast, is a staple on the menu at the eight-bed hospital in Masset, a town of roughly 1,000 located on the largest island of Haida Gwaii. Patient meals also regularly feature local potatoes and onions from nearby farmers; part of...
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Source: The Tyee- October 18, 2012 Following on the example of St. Joseph’s hospital in Guelph, a nationally-recognized model of bringing local food into big institutions, we wanted to find out how patients’ meals measure up in Vancouver. Indeed, could we do a plate-by-plate comparison of hospital meals: their ingredients, how far they’d travelled, what our health...
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Source: The Tyee- October 17th, 2012 Guelph, Ont. — “Hospital food” is one of those phrases that evokes an almost visceral reaction from anyone who has had the displeasure of experiencing it first-hand. Bad hospital food stories are nothing new, but in the past few years there has been a renewed call to improve the...
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Source: Calgary Herald- October 16, 2o12  A new national network aimed at connecting farms to cafeterias — improving food in these institutions and, subsequently, those who use them — launched today as students here in Calgary learned more about the importance of local food. Farm to Cafeteria Canada is a national program, managed and administered by...
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As reported by CTV, McGill volunteers chopped 5,038kg of fruits, most of it grown at McGill’s Macdonald Campus Farm, to earn the Guinness World Record for the biggest fruit salad ever. Read more here.
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CTV reports national food charter gives students a voice on campus about food issues
CTV picks up on the launch of the National Student Food Charter at this year’s National Student Food Summit which took place August 17-19 at the University of Toronto. Onwards and upwards, student food leaders! Read the article here.
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