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The Business Of Getting Affordable, Local Food onto the Plates Of New Brunswickers
Photo: Tomavo on Mountain Road in Moncton tries hard to stock as much local produce as it can. Image: Tomavo Facebook page. MONCTON – Businesses are teaming up with non-profit organizations, government agencies, public institutions, community groups and farmers to get healthy, low-cost, local food onto the plates of New Brunswickers. The ways local businesses are trying...
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  When someone gets sick and goes to the hospital, they do not ­­see the healthcare system as parts but take a continuous personal journey through it. It doesn’t matter which hospital they enter or what treatment or services; patients tend to take in one overall experience towards recovery. However, when there are gaps, they...
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Nourish Aims to Change the Narrative of Food in Healthcare
Hayley Lapalme I have long wondered if it’s a coincidence that the kitchens in hospitals are often in the basement. Prioritization of food in healthcare is often pit against clinical priorities, rather than seen as complementary. Common refrains I’ve heard from healthcare include, “It’s food or the MRI,” or “If a patient is well enough...
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Conducting Food Origin Audits: a step-by-step guide
A Step-by-Step Guide – St. Joseph’s Health System St. Joseph’s Heath System created a guide to help organizations and institutions conduct food origin audits. The guide includes steps involved in food origin audits, details, and examples for each of the steps, as well as useful tools, such as a template for a letter of endorsement....
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This report documents the current state of local food usage in Ontario’s long-term care sector. Most of the 600+ homes in Ontario do not track local food usage and many report barriers to adding these items to their menus. With an estimated annual raw food spend in excess of $210 million, Ontario’s long-term care sector...
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A PROPOSAL FROM FOOD SECURE CANADA FOR THE NATIONAL FOOD POLICY Canadians are concerned with the health and sustainability of the food they eat, and, as more and more people struggle to put good food on the table, our food system has become an issue of increasing priority. Unhealthy diets claim more lives than any...
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(Taken from Growing Connection Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheGrowingConnection) Folks in Collingwood are catching on to the value of the TGC Pop Up garden, installed in early June…. Health & Taste is at hand, immediately, daily… Please share this video. Perhaps people everywhere will start to realize that the empty lot down the street, a future construction site,...
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Nourish: The future of food in health care
We are in an era of incredible pressure on the Canadian healthcare system. The silver tsunami and a growing burden of chronic disease are forcing a conversation around the next big innovation since medicare. From systems that are centralized and hierarchical, the MaRS Market Insights’ Transforming Health report finds a shift to new models of...
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Farm to Cafeteria Canada has celebrated many successes in 2016! Be inspired and watch our year in review!
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Visualizing the Future for Health Care For three years, Project SOIL has used case studies, pilot projects and visioning sessions to investigate the viability of on-site food production at public institutions, through collaborative arrangements with local food producers. Over that time, interest in food production on public land has continued to grow, with schools and universities,...
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