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School snack program goes local
Kids are eating more local fruits and vegetables thanks to Chatham-Kent’s first Farm to School Nutrition program. The pilot project, launched on March 31, delivers locally grown fruits and vegetables to 1,700 children at eight participating schools. Click here to see the full article. Source: The Chatham Voice Journalist: Blair Andrews  Date: May 21, 2014 
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Forest Grove School Garden
Forest Grove Elementary is the first school in the Burnaby District to create and sustain an edible school garden program thus making it the model school in the Burnaby District with many other Burnaby schools following a similar path. The garden has been built as 20 ft by 20 ft outdoor classroom that hosts many...
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Hospital to purchase more Ontario food
Health Sciences North plans to include more Ontario products on its menus for patients and visitors. The hospital will participate in the Greenbelt Fund’s Local Food Challenge to more than double the amount of food it purchases from Ontario growers and producers for patient meals. Click here to see the full article Source: Sudbury Northern Life Kelowna...
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Opportunities for Innovation: A Student Nutrition Program Pilot Project in Windsor-Essex
In schools across Ontario, Student Nutrition Programs (SNPs) aim to provide nutritious snacks and meals to children and youth. The Ministry  of Child and Youth Services supports SNPs by providing approximately 30 million dollars in annual funding, which is administered by 14 lead agencies across the province. These agencies typically work with “Community Partnerships” to...
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Close-up: Kelowna farm to table movement flourishing
Reporter Kathy Michaels explains how Kelowna has emerged as a full-fledged foodie destination. Click here to see the full article Source: Kelowna Capital News Journalist: Kathy Michaels Date: July 4, 2014
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Students begin farming to help the Abbotsford Food Bank
Abbotsford News/ Abbotsford Students at Eugene Reimer Middle School are growing vegetables to support the Abbotsford Food Bank. As part of the “Farm to Food Bank” program, which begins with an interactive workshop, students will grow and nurture starter plants and seeds. Click here to see the full article Source: Abbotsford News Journalist: Staff Writer Date: July 4,...
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He’s like the Jamie Oliver of hospital food. A UK-based “better hospital food” advocate is bringing his campaign to Ontario, calling for fresh, local food to be served. Click here to see the full article Source: Ottawa Sun Journalist: Kelly Roche Date: May 29, 2014
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Every parent knows it’s tough to get kids to eat their fruits and veggies, but what if fresh, nutritious snacks were provided at school? The Chatham-Kent Student Nutrition Program launched the area’s first Farm to School nutrition pilot program on March 31. Click here to see the full article Source: Chatham Daily News Journalist: Dan Taekema Date: May...
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Have you ever skipped breakfast or lunch during your work day and found yourself unable to concentrate? Or maybe you’ve made a bad food choice and find yourself jittery with caffeine or sugar? Perhaps you’re sluggish in the afternoon after eating a nutrient-deficient lunch or unable to resist the boardroom table proffering pastries and doughnuts. ...
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NEW BRUNSWICK – The New Brunswick government’s new buy local policy for meetings and events is a good step but could lead to future opportunities for food producers and companies, according to a Fredericton business owner. Click here to see the full article Source: CBC News Journalist: Daniel McHardie  Date: Jun 27, 2014
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