Valley Secondary School Salad Bar Launches at Isfeld

Valley secondary school salad bar launches at Isfeld

Photo: Students at Mark R. Isfeld Secondary lined up for their inaugural salad bar lunch Thursday morning at the school. Photo by Erin Haluschak

Although there isn’t a formal cafeteria in the school, students at Mark R. Isfeld Secondary made a makeshift one in the lobby for the school’s inaugural Salad Bar Program.

Thursday morning, students lined up for the official launch – the first one for high schools in the Comox Valley.

“It’s really great … it’s amazing. A full pile (on their plates) with good food,” said salad bar co-ordinator Lauren Lan. “We all know how important good food is and I just think it’s really important that our students have access to healthy food on site so they don’t have to walk off site or they don’t have to settle for something out of a vending machine and that it’s accessible for all students.” READ MORE

Feb. 21, 2019

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