U of Ottawa Students Bring Fresh Food Idea Home

U of O students bring fresh food idea home

Photo: Inside The Growcer’s container at University of Ottawa. (CBC News)

The Growcer created as solution to high food prices in Canada’s North

Some University of Ottawa students have come up with a fresh idea for sustainable food production, both up North and right here on campus.

From the outside, it’s a large green and white shipping container designed to withstand the harshest winter. Inside, it’s a state-of-the-art oasis, a hydroponic mini-farm capable of producing up to 100 kilograms of leafy greens in a week.

The modular growing system is the brainchild of The Growcer, a startup run by students and grads from the university’s Telfer School of Management.

During a visit to Nunavut a few years ago, students Corey Ellis and Alida Burke were shocked by the high cost and short supply of fresh fruit and vegetables. They set out to find solutions for the food scarcity problem plaguing northern communities, and The Growcer was born. READ MORE

Sandra Abma


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