The growing local food movement in South Eastern New Brunswick schools

Le Réseau des cafétérias communautaires and the source of the growing local food movement in South Eastern New Brunswick schools.

In 2009, Rachel Schofield Martin could no longer stand seeing children at her school being fed processed or frozen foods. The Bouctouche, New Brunswick educator set herself a goal: abolish the contract between the school and cafeteria supplier, and take advantage of New Brunswick’s agricultural products.  Soon after, Ms. Schofield Martin launched Le Réseau des cafétérias communautaires, a social enterprise, that in nine short years has expanded to provide 21,000 francophone students from 24 schools with healthy meals comprised with over 45% of New Brunswick locally sourced foods.

Le Réseau des cafétérias communautaires continues to gain momentum and is drawing the attention of local businesses along the way. This project has given local producers, such as La Fleur du Pommier, the opportunity to expand their market and it has helped transform parents into local consumers. However, Rachel Schofield Martin’s greatest pride is the student involvement in this project, which allows them to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

Read the full Radio Canada story here (French Only):

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