Farm To Cafeteria Canada Offering $10,000 Grants. Should Your School Apply?

When I first heard about Farm to Cafeteria Canada grants I immediately asked if they wanted to write a guest post explaining how they work. Happily Carolyn Webb, the Coordinator of Sustain Ontario’s Edible Education Network, was able to do so. – www.weightymatters.ca

Check out this quote from NorKam Senior Secondary in Kamploops, BC,

This year at NorKam Senior Secondary in Kamloops, BC, our cafeteria class started a salad bar for a fresh, healthy addition to our regular lunch service. We began this semester by growing our own vegetables, herbs and microgreens in anticipation of improving our cafeteria’s menu selection, and quality and freshness of food.

Would you like to see a similar quote from your school next year?

Or how about these?

College Heights Secondary School in the Upper Grand District School Board (Ontario) has had a fantastic first year connecting our school to local food and farms, and launching a full salad bar as part of our cafeteria service.”

“The salad bar was a huge hit today. Local carrots, kale salad with Hollyhock dressing, 3 potato salads -a traditional, a wasabi & a vinaigrette; (our vegan option) Amazing nut & bean veggie burgers, baked Halibut with sea asparagus tartar, and barbequed teriyaki spring salmon. Phew! Student prepared, right down to the condiments. (Gid Galang Kuuyas Naay Secondary School, BC).

Farm to Cafeteria Canada is offering $10,000 grants that would allow elementary and secondary schools in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and Newfoundland and Labrador to implement a Farm to School program that includes a salad bar meal service. READ MORE

Carolyn Webb
January 15, 2018


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