Students applauded for push to fix 'broken' food system in schools

Photo: The ‘DIY cafeteria service’ currently running at Harbour View High in Saint John features vegetables grown in the school’s garden. (Facebook)

Saint John school’s petition for healthy lunches is ‘powerful action,’ says food security network

A Saint John high school’s student-led fight for healthier cafeteria lunches is part of an “inspiring” trend of school communities taking ownership of their health, the head of the New Brunswick Food Security Action Network said Wednesday.

“Students are not often consulted when it comes to what food is served at their cafeteria, those decisions are made higher up,” Laura Reinsborough said in an interview with Information Morning Saint John.

“So the fact that they’re recognizing it does have an impact, and that they want to see some change, I applaud them … They know the system isn’t going to make it easy for a local-level business to jump in and submit proposals, so they’re voicing concerns.”

Students at Harbour View High are trying to avoid a new cafeteria service arrangement that would see former provider Chartwells return to the school. READ MORE

Sarah Trainor
Oct 25, 2017
 CBC News

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