Webinar Part 2: Youth Out on the Land and Sea: A New Teleconference Series from FSN

Youth Out on the Land and Sea: A New Teleconference Series from FSN

Join FSN for this two-part teleconference series about programs that are bringing young people back in touch with the land and the sea.

Programs which connect youth to their natural environment and food heritage can help improve their physical, emotional, and social resilience. In turn, this affects community connectedness and community wellbeing.

To register for one or both of the teleconferences email info@foodsecuritynews.com or call (709) 237-4026. Registration is recommended by the day before each teleconference to be sure you get the materials in time.

Part 2:

February 17: Fishing for Success

Tues. Feb. 17 2pm in Labrador, 2:30pm in Newfoundland

Fishing for Success is a non-profit community dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the traditional fishing knowledge and culture which sustained Newfoundlanders and Labradorians for generations. Their vision is that one day every child in Newfoundland and Labrador will once again be taught the traditional fishing knowledge and skills of the people who came before them. The program has a goal to instill a sense of pride, of place, and a longing to protect and conserve their natural home. Kimberly Orren will introduce the program and share her ideas for putting young people in touch with traditional food skills and knowledge.

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