Forest Grove School Garden

Forest Grove Elementary is the first school in the Burnaby District to create and sustain an edible school garden program thus making it the model school in the Burnaby District with many other Burnaby schools following a similar path. The garden has been built as 20 ft by 20 ft outdoor classroom that hosts many garden related activities throughout the year including: An After School Garden Club, Seed Classes and Cooking Classes using food grown in the garden. Facilitated by Sprouting Chefs, Barb McMahon, a community partnership has been established and continues to flourish due to many funding supporters including: Whole Kids Foundation, TD Friends of the Environment, Evergreen Foundation, Home Depot Foundation, McCrane Pearson Endowment and Metropolis at Metrotown.

Food Sources: Forest Grove School Garden provides some of the food used in Cooking Classes as well as bags of food going home with families in the summer. Sprouting Chefs has a partnership with Whole Foods who supplements what the garden cannot supply for Cooking Classes.

Barb McMahon
8525 Forest Grove Dr.
Burnaby, BC

Find this project on the Farm to Cafeteria Canada map in Burnaby, BC.

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  1. andre.leblanc@foodtender.com'

    This idea is fantastic! Teaching the next generation about food is highly important. My kids have not eaten at the school cafeteria in almost 7 years, Most of the staff stopped as well. But Last year things changed and a new direction took place. Local food school program took over the change has been incredible. It now smells like real food in the cafeteria. I commend you for taking initiative. Need more folks like you!!

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