New Brunswick School District Embraces a Partnership with the Network of Community of Cafeterias and Really Local Harvest

It has been just over a year now since the Francophone School District South in New Brunswick announced a partnership between the Network of Community Cafeterias and Really Local Harvest – a partnership designed to help students develop links with local food producers and enjoy interesting and varied learning experiences about their food and the food system. Today the partnership, born from the determination of the Francophone School District South to reclaim it’s cafeteria spaces, has students in 20 schools eagerly lining up to to get their local greens.

“The contract  with our former food service provider did not allow us access to our kitchens for educational activities with students. ” said the CEO of Francophone School District South, Monique Boudreau . ” The creation of the Network of Community Cafeterias is positive in many respects – including a  constitution that fully meets our institutional values ​​and community and the entrepreneurial approach that we have developed in our schools in recent years. ” she added . The Network of Community Cafeterias is a social enterprise that aims to provide nutritious healthy meals, encourage the purchase of local products, develop an entrepreneurial culture in communities and schools, contribute to the economic development of communities in New Brunswick and promote partnerships with various community stakeholders”.

Today the supply agreement between the Network of Community Cafeterias and Really Local Harvest continues to ensure that the maximum amount of local produce is used in the preparation of meals served to students. Moreover access to school kitchens means whole school communities now have an opportunity rediscover  the joy of cooking and eating food.

Original announcement on the Francophone South School District website August 27, 2013  Le District Scolaire Francophone Sud Rejouit de la Creation du Reseau des Cafeterias Communautaires et de son Partenariat avec la Recolte de chez nous

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